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Travel Management – We can help you in finding the hidden savings in your crew budget.

In Ship Management services, Crew travel cost is a one of the major elements in the crewing budget. Our crew travel management services team will help you significantly reduce your travel costs to a large extent.

Oscar Ship Management Services will help you to achieve cost reduction through competition and good planning. We are not a travel agency, and we are not committed to a particular travel agency. We tender all air travel with many travel agencies, and the travel agency offering the lowest fare will be awarded the travel order. We can use any travel agency of your choice or can pool you with our esteemed clients.

We also do the same for port agency expenses. For every crew change we ask for quotes from many travel agencies and chose the most cost efficient from all of the quotes. There is a huge potential for savings on port agency expenses related to crew changes. The port agent for the ship’s commercial business is often appointed by the vessel’s charterer, who is only interested in negotiating a low fee on port clearance and the handling of the general business of the vessel. The charterer does not care about the fees for crew changes as they do not pay for such services.

The savings potential in placing your travel orders in full competition is between 8 percent to 15 percent over the course of a year. It takes resources to tender all of this travel, but we have arranged for this efficiently; thus, we offer travel management services for a very attractive fee.

All invoices from travel agencies and port agents are sent to us for checking before they are submitted to you for payment.