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We strongly believe that the training of the ship crew plays one of the most critical factors in achieving safe, economical and profitable operations of a vessel.

All our seafarers are trained in the very best maritime academies in India. The Pre Sea Training institutes which are approved by Director General of Shipping, Govt. of India under the Ministry of Shipping has extensive modern training facilities and is equipped with Marine Engineering Workshops, Laboratories, a well equipped Library, Seminar Rooms, Class Rooms, Hostels, Auditorium and Planetarium with audio visual facilities, Full mission simulator, and many more other facilities are provided during the process of Pre Sea Training.

Our cadet training program has been in place for over 20 years. A many of our top four ranks have been initiated through our own Cadetship programs. Our commitment to seafarers and owners is strengthened further by providing state of art maritime training in best of the academies in India. We have always strived to achieve excellence in safety and quality. Our academies are integrated with the personnel offices allows ship-specific training to all staff. As we can also help you in getting Company or Ship specific programs for individual topics like Ship Familiarization , Operation of IGS system, Hydraulic systems, ODME and Oily Water Separator, etc can be given to the company specifications.

The facilities and equipment at the these pre sea training centres are used to improve the knowledge, understanding and skills of candidates / seafarers in a safe environment. The hands-on experience is only second to using the systems and machinery at sea.

All the institutes employs well qualified and devoted Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Academic and Instructional Staff as faculty for all subjects covered in the syllabus. In case of requirement of any specialized information to be provided to the candidates, experts from the shipping industry from outside the academy are requisitioned as visiting faculty. The knowledge of these faculty members along with supporting literature provides our candidates/seafares a very high level of marine training standards hitherto unmatched in the country.

Students choosing this direction will obtain extensive knowledge in the production of electricity and mechanical output at sea, particularly in combustion engines

regulation of mechanical systems, measuring and monitoring of mechanical and thermic magnitudes, fluid and heat transport, mechanical fluctuations, Students will learn how to apply their knowledge on designing and dimensioning of machinery installations on ships and offshore platforms. Key skills are analyzing, modeling and simulating machinery systems mathematically.

All the institutes are approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India.

Facilities and Infrastructure (Inside Pre Sea Training Academies):

  • State of Art Air Conditioned Class Rooms
  • Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator
  • Propulsion Plant Simulator
  • Full mission Ship Handling Simulator
  • Full mission Control System Simulator
  • Full mission Bridge Control Simulator
  • Refrigeration, Hydraulic and Automation Labs
  • Electrical & Electronics Labs
  • Various equipment which are used in on board ship are used as training aids
  • Computer Lab with Ship & Shore IT Applications
  • Fully equipped Skills Development Centre
  • Stowage Planning System Training Software for multipurpose vessels
  • Conference Room
  • Reference Library (with internet, books, publications, videos and CDs etc.)
  • Most modern facilities in the hostel
  • Mess / Cafeteria for meals and refreshments
  • All training rooms are equipped with modern teaching aids like computers, multimedia projectors, OHPs, Audio / Video equipment, etc.

In order to provide candidates with proper pre sea training and achieve the objectives of each training programme, a very close attention is paid to all the aspects of  training programmes in detail at Pre Sea Training institutes. Besides getting trained and acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, the candidates should experience quality and feel motivated to bring about a positive change in their attitudes and skills.

In current dynamic world, change is always constant and so it is with the courses offered at these pre sea training academies. Latest knowledge, changing regulations, feedback from the candidates, challenging queries from highly experienced peers etc. keep the course designers working continuously to upgrade courses and make them more challenging and contemporary. Every feedback from candidates after a period of returning to actual workplace is valued for identifying gaps in transfer of knowledge.

Continuous learning process requires an open mind, motivation, and a desire to participate and share. The highly experienced faculty members at these pre sea training academies, besides openly sharing their own knowledge and experience in depth, are also able to draw the best from the candidates, thus creating a synergy in any training programme. Optimum number of candidates and sufficient equipment/workstations allow each candidate to work independently thus gradually gaining confidence. An integral evaluation method or a basic test at the end of the programme helps in evaluation of the knowledge/skill enhancement.

The core course design group members, comprising a team of maritime professionals, work very closely with the end users, incorporating practical solutions where and when needed. Identified training gaps if any from discussions with target groups, guidelines from standard model courses etc all form the input necessary for designing the programmes. Practical sessions are integrated with theoretical discussion where possible to ensure a better understanding of concepts in detail.

Oscas Ship Management Services will provide free accomodation and transport services. As all the pre sea training centres offer accommodation for non-local candidates/seafarers. Transportation to the training centre is also available, including transfers from the bus stationg, railway station and airport.

The course schedule is flexible and based on the needs and availability. Candidates/Seafarers should contact to confirm the current schedule.

(1)á C.V. Raman College of Engineering (INDOS NO: 625) – Bhubaneswar

(2)  AMET University (INDOS NO: 805) – Chennai

(3)  Balaji Seamen Training Institute (INDOS NO: 817) – Chennai

(4)  Chennai School of Ship Management (INDOS NO: 815) – Chennai

(5)  Chidambaram Institute of Maritime Technology (INDOS NO: 812) – Chennai

(6)  CMC Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 830) – Chennai

(7)  Cosmopolitan Technology of Maritime (INDOS NO: 820) – Chennai

(8)  Hindustan Institute Of Maritime Training Post Sea Training Centre (INDOS NO: 808) – Kilpauk, Chennai

(9)  HIMT College Hindustan Institute Of Maritime Training Pre-Sea Training Centre (INDoS NO: 846) – Kalpakkam, Chennai

(10) School of Seamanship and Nautical Technology (INDOS NO: 823) – Kancheepuram

(11) GKM College of Engineering & Technology (INDOS NO: 840) – Chennai

(12) GKM Institute of Marine Sciences & Technology (INDOS NO: 840) – Chennai

(13)áIndian Maritime College (INDOS NO: 803) – Chennai

(14)áIndus Seafarers Training Academy (INDOS NO: 814) – Chennai

(15) International Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 821) – Chennai

(16)áMaritime Foundation (INDOS NO: 819) – Chennai

(17)áMASSA Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 826) – Chennai

(18)áIndian Maritime University (National Maritime Academy) (INDOS NO: 802) – Chennai

(19)áPerunthalaivar Kamarajar Institute of Maritime Science & Engineering (INDOS NO:849) – Chidambaram

(20)áS.B.Vignesh Marine Training Centre (INDOS NO: 906) – Chennai

(21)áSouthern Academy of Maritime Studies (INDOS NO: 818) – Chennai

(22)áSchool of Maritime Studies (Vels University) (INDOS NO: 838) – Chennai

(23)áSchool of Maritime Studies (Vels University) (INDOS NO: 816)- Chennai

(24)áCoimbatore Marine College (INDOS NO: 830) – Coimbatore

(25)áPark Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 845) – Coimbatore

(26) SeaSkills Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 847) – Coimbatore

(27) Marine Training Academy (INDOS NO: 64) – Daman

(28) Centre for Maritime Education and Training (INDOS NO: 404) – Dehradun

(29) Mumbai Maritime Training Institute (INDOS NO: 34) – Dehradun

(30)áOceanic Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 416) – Dehradun

(31)áAgnel Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 69) – Goa

(32)áFrancon’s Marine Academy (INDOS NO: 74) – Goa

(33) Institute of Maritime Studies (INDOS NO: 308) – Goa

(34) Institute of Petroleum Safety, Health & Environment Management (INDOS NO: 78) – Goa

(35) NUSI Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 32) – Goa

(36)áSeascan Marine Services Pvt Ltd (INDOS NO: 58) – Goa

(37) Natcom Education & Research Foundation (INDOS NO: 419) – Gurgaon

(38) Haldia Institute of Maritime Studies & Research (INDOS No: 624) – Haldia

(39)áAnglo Eastern Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 86) – Karjat

(40) Indian Maritime Universityá(Kandla Campus) (INDOS NO:92) – New Kandla

(41)áAmer Maritime Training Academy (INDOS NO:409 ) – Kanpur

(42)áNoorul Islam University (INDOS NO:843) – Kanyakumari (Tamilnadu)

(43)áU.V.Patel College of Engineering (INDOS NO: 91) – Kharva (North Gujarat)

(44)áMMTI’s Education & Research Trust (INDOS NO: 72) – Khopoli

(45)áMohammed Sathak Engineering College (INDOS NO: 829) – Kilakarai(Tamilnadu)

(46)áCochin Shipyard Limited (INDOS No:905) – Kochi

(47) Euro Tech Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 811) – Kochi

(48) Institute of Marine Engineers (India) (INDOS NO: 835) – Kochi

(49) Indian Maritime University (National Maritime Academy) (INDOS NO:802) – Kochi

(50)áKunjali Marakkar School of Marine Engineering of Cochin University of Science and Technology (INDOS NO: 844) – Kochi

(51) Univan Maritime Training Academy (INDOS NO: 844) – KOchi

(52)áCollege of Maritime Studies & Research (INDOS NO: 623) – Kolkata

(53) Garden Reach Ship Builders & Engineers Ltd (INDOS NO: 703) – Kolkata

(54) Indian Maritime University, Kolkata Campus [Indian Institute of Port Management] (INDOS NO: 616) – Kolkata

(55)áKolkata Port Trust  (INDOS NO: 705) – Kolkata

(56)áMarine Education Charitable Trust (INDOS NO: 617) – Kolkata

(57)áIndian Maritime University (MERI) (INDOS NO: 602) – Kolkata

(58)áMaritime Academy of India (INDOS NO: 607) – Kolkata

(59)áMercantile Marine Academy Foundation (INDOS NO: 606) – Kolkata

(60) S.E.I. Education Trust ( INDOS NO: 605) – Kolkata

(61) SEI Educational Trust – Harayana

(62) Seacom Marine College (INDOS NO: 604) – Kolkata

(63) Sensea Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 608) – Kolkata

(64)áCentre for Maritime Education & Training (INDOS NO: 404) – Lucknow

(65) Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science (INDOS NO: 853) – Madurai

(66)áRL Institute of Nautical Science (INDOS NO: 813) – Madurai

(67)áMangalore Marine College and Technology (INDOS NO: 907) – Mangalore

(68)áJ. Sons Merchant Navy Institute (INDOS NO: 411) – Meerut

(69)áAnglo Eastern Maritime Training Centre (INDOS NO: 22) – Mumbai

(70) Arya Marine Academy (INDOS NO: 70) – Mumbai

(71) Bonzer Academy of Maritime Studies (INDOS NO: 73) – Mumbai

(72) Don Bosco Normar Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 19) Mumbai

(73) Gurship Education Trust Maritime Training Institute (INDOS NO: 83) – Mumbai

(74)áIndian Register of Shipping (INDOS NO: 77) – Mumbai

(75) Institute of Marine Engineers (India) (INDOS NO: 11) – Navi Mumbai

(76)áInternational Marine Academy (INDOS NO: 46) – Mumbai

(77) International Maritime Training Centre (INDOS NO:18) – Mumbai

(78) Indian Maritime University (LBSáCollege of AMS) (INDOS NO: 5) – Mumbai

(79) Mangalore Marine College (MMC) [Mumbai Campus] (INDOS NO: 907) – Mumbai

(80) Indian Maritime University (MERI) (INDOS NO: 7) – Mumbai

(81) Marine Medical Clinic (INDOS NO: 24) – Mumbai

(82)áMarine Training Academy (INDOS NO: 30) – Mumbai

(83) Maritime Training Institute (INDOS NO: 8) – Mumbai

(84) Mumbai Maritime Training Institute (INDOS NO: 34) – Mumbai

(85) Mazagon Dock Limited (INDOS NO:306) – Mumbai

(86) Naval Maritime Academy West (INDOS NO: 33) – Mumbai

(87) OERC Academy (INDOS NO: 23) – Mumbai

(88) Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies (INDOS NO: 75) – Mumbai

(89) Seafarers Marine Institute (INDOS NO: 42) – Mumbai

(90)áSchool of Synergic Studies (INDOS NO: 21) – Mumbai

(91)áSCMS Maritime Training Institute (INDOS NO: 28) – Mumbai

(92)áSt. Xavier’s Technical Institute (INDOS NO: 10) – Mumbai

(93) Suraksha Marine (INDOS NO: 45) – Mumbai

(94) Tolani Maritime Institute (INDOS NO: 90) – Mumbai

(95) TS Rahaman (INDOS NO:(INDOS NO: 9) – Mumbai

(96)áUnivan Maritime Training Academy (INDOS NO: 85) – Mumbai

(97) ABS Industrial Verification (India) Pvt. Ltd. (INDOS NO: 76) – Navi Mumbai

(98) Fleet Management Training Institute (INDOS NO: 80) – Navi Mumbai

(99) BP Marine Academy (INDOS NO: 12) – Navi Mumbai

(100)MASSA Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 39) – Navi Mumbai

(101)Pentagon Maritime Training & Research Institute (INDOS NO: 82) – Navi Mumbai

(102)Ramana Academy of Maritime Studies (INDOS NO: 84) – Navi Mumbai

(103)Sagar Gyan Academy (INDOS NO: 37) – Navi Mumbai

(104)Setrac College of Offshore Training (INDOS NO: 89) – Navi Mumbai

(105)SNS Maritime Training Institute (INDOS NO: 66) – Navi Mumbai

(106)Indian Maritime University (TS Chanakya) (INDOS NO: 6) – Navi Mumbai

(107)United Marine Academy (INDOS NO: 26) – Navi Mumbai

(108)Yak Management & Marine Education Centre (INDOS NO: 43) – Navi Mumbai

(109)Yak Educational Trust (INDOS NO: 63) – Navi Mumbai

(110)Applied Research International (INDOS NO: 402) – New Delhi

(111)Anglo Eastern Maritime Training Centre (INDOS NO: 421) – New Delhi

(112)Aquatech Institute of Maritime Studies (INDOS NO: 413) – New Delhi

(113)Fosma Maritime Institute and Research Organization (INDOS NO: 401) – New Delhi

(114)Oceans XV Educational Trust ( INDOS NO: 423) – New Delhi

(115)Sriram Institute of Marine Studies ( INDOS NO: 412) – New Delhi

(116)International Maritime Institute Ltd (INDOS NO: 403) – Noida

(117)Orissa Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 612) – Paradip

(118)National Inland Navigation Institute (INDOS NO: 422) – Patna

(119)Institute of Marine Education & Research Pvt Ltd (INDOS NO: 619) – Patna

(120)Neotia Institute of Technology, Management and Science (INDOS NO: 620) – 24-Pargans(S)(W.Bengal)

(121)Maritime Education Training & Research Institute (INDOS NO: 614) – 24-Pargans(S)(W.Bengal)

(122)Trident College of Marine Technology (INDOS NO: 622) – 24-Pargans(S)(W.Bengal)

(123)School of Higher Academic and Professional Education (INDOS NO:420) – Panchkula (Harayana)

(124)Indian Maritime University [Karaikal Campus] (INDOS NO:802) – Pundechery

(125)Pondicherry Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 848) – Puducherry

(126)Sri Chakra Maritime College (INDOS NO: 833)- Puducherry

(127)Marine Officers Training Academy (INDOS No: 824) – Pondicherry

(128)RVS College of Maritime Science and Engineering (INDOS NO: 850) – Pondicherry

(129)Sai Ram Shipping Science Institute (INDOS NO: 851) – Pondicherry

(130)Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Govt. Polytechnique (INDOS NO: 615) – Port Blair

(131)Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies (INDOS NO: 81) – Pune

(132)Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education & Training (INDOS NO: 61) – Pune

(133)Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies (INDOS NO: 88) – Pune

(134)Tolani Maritime Institute (INDOS NO: 17) – Pune

(135)Vishwakarma Maritime Institute (INDOS NO: 87) – Pune

(136)Commander Ali’s Academy of Merchant Navy (INDOS NO: 834) –  Secunderabad

(137)Commander Ali’s Academy of Merchant Navy (INDOS NO: 834) – Medak

(138)Srivenkateshwara College of Engineering (INDOS NO: 806) – Sriperumbadur (Tamilnadu)

(139)Columbus Maritime Training Institute (INDOS NO: 79) – Thane (Maharashtra)

(140)Baba Marine Institute (INDOS NO: 65) – Thane (Maharashtra)

(141)Mariner’s Academy (INDOS NO: 44)- Thane (Maharashtra)

(142)Tamilnadu Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 810) – Thoothukudi

(143)PSN College of Engineering & Technology (INDOS NO:837) – Tirunelveli (T.Nadu)

(144)Maritime Training Institute [SCI] Tuticorin Campus (INDOS NO: 8) – Tuticorin

(145)Asha International Institute of Marine Technology (INDOS NO: 418) – Varanasi

(146)Sri Nandhanam Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 842) – Vellore (Tamil Nadu)

(147)Praveenya Institute of Marine Engineering & Maritime Studies (INDOS NO: 841) – Visakhapatnam (AP)

(148)National Ship Design & Research Centre     827) – Vizianagaram (AP)

(149)Sailors Maritime Academy (INDOS NO: 836)