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A group of highly skilled and qualified team members : The TEAM is our major asset and a very critical success factor for us. We invest in its overall development in the best interests of the company, partners and staff alike.

The TEAM members are well qualified and they are very well familiar with all the protocols and processes, so that they can offer you excellent guidance for your career in Shipping Industry. Our professional staff is focused on servicing customers and providing them with high quality ship management solutions. Our team promotes high standards of behaviour that go beyond any codes or regulations.

We are genuinely passionate about shipping and guaranteed recruitments. As a result of this invaluable commitment, you are working with the team of people who not only understand the language of maritime industry but more importantly, the unique challenges you face and the requirements you have at each and every stage. And because of which in short span of time period, we have easily earned a good reputation and a successful track record in India & abroad. You can contact our team members for the terms of engagement, arrangements and all kind of services as per your requirements.

We believe in having a multinational, cross cultural and mixed gender team, which stimulates and contributes to an inspiring working environment from which strong long term relationships are built and developed together with our partners. An environment based on short and efficient lines of communication, proven systems, effective and costs effective services all aimed at meeting the ever changing industrial and client needs.

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