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Every year Alpha 9 Marine Services train & place large number graduates and undergraduates from a variety of disciplines and a chance to work in range of roles across many verticals &Abroad. Find out more about us below.

Why Campus Recruitment?

Alpha 9 Marine Services has given a lot of importance to Campus recruitment process. We want to hire and retain the best possible candidate from the pool of talented students. During recruitment process, we use the best selection tools which are tried and test, to ensure that we hire a right person for the right job. For our quest to attain the right fit between a person and a job has magnified the importance of Campus Recruitment and not only engineering colleges but also other degree colleges. We plan to hire around 500 from engineering and other degree colleges by the end of this year.

Student Recruitment :

The Student Recruitment team is responsible for planning and implementing all on and off-campus recruitment activities for all applicants (UG, PG and short courses), including: open days, tours and visits, and recruitment fairs – both in the Schools & Colleges. The team also provides a wide range of services to assist students, parents, schools, colleges, careers advisors and teachers with support and advice on a wide range of all vertical related queries & issues, such as talks or workshops on the benefits of university study, working with student ambassadors and alumni as appropriate. The team also includes the Enquiries team who are responsible for ensuring that all applicants receive an impressive customer experience by providing the required information as quickly as possible, sourcing answers to queries and directing them to other relevant sources as appropriate.

Prepare Yourself :

Currently, many shipping companies & other corporates are offering excellent pay package and a better work profile. This has only intensified the competition amongst candidates. It, then, becomes very important for a candidate to display excellent professional skills & commitment – be it in terms of interpersonal skills or in terms of mathematical skills, analytical skills or technical skills. So, even good students need to fine-tune their knowledge base and enhance their overall speed and accuracy. This can be done through regular practice and under expert guidance.

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